Affinity with Braille

How do you approach designing a book about braille? When my daughter learned braille at primary school, I also followed a course (sight reading braille) so that I’d be able to support her learning and development. Actually, I’ve always been involved with braille and presenting information in a tactile way, first through making simple tactile books and later braille books. Together with a remedial teacher I developed a supportive communication system for use in school and at home. More recently I’ve been actively combining this experience and knowledge more professionally with my work as a graphic designer.

Design and development

Working Group Braille Education

The project was set up by the VOL Working Group Braille Education, of which I am a member. ‘De Vereniging Onbeperkt Lezen’, is a foundation in the Netherlands that provides information about literacy for people with a visual or reading disability. The idea was to develop a book or brochure introducing braille to adults faced with losing their sight. Information about braille is very fragmented and so the goal was to provide comprehensive information, giving answers to questions such as, ‘what is braille, how can I use it, is it difficult to learn, can you use it on a computer?’ and so on.