Teachers from the Visio school Rotterdam who wrote the stories. Top row, left to right: Anneke Blok, Marion Brillemans, Marianne van der Vinne, Ingrid Stekelenburg. Bottom row, left Gyntha Goertz and right Ann Conefrey (me).

It is the first time that such an ambitious project has been undertaken in the Netherlands; for my part also a new undertaking. Apart from the actual designing I managed the production and developed a workflow which will hopefully help to pave the way for more tactile books being designed and produced here in the future. To realize this project I worked closely with the Visio School in Rotterdam. The project was managed by Dedicon and supported by the Novum Foundation.

It’s a great honour to be rewarded with a Typhlo & Tactus prize. There were 61 entries from 18 countries.

The aim of Typhlo & Tactus: more tactile illustrated books, better in quality, more tactually efficient, for all visually impaired children.

Typhlo & Tactus
Gyntha Goertz (left) and Ann M. Conefrey receiving the second prize for ‘Dag Spin’ in the international Typhlo & Tactus competition.