Accesssible, educational and fun

These embossed stickers are a truly unique and accessible tactile design in which I’ve integrated braille and large type with bright images. All children can enjoy using them in school or at home. These stickers are both fun and educational, encouraging tactile exploration, language skills and social interaction.

‘Fly’ in large type, the butterfly and braille are embossed. Incorporating good practice for tactile drawings, taking into account the small size and this type of embossing technique.

Braille, just as ‘normal’ as print

I’d like to move away from the idea that braille is old fashioned or some kind of ‘secret code’. Braille facilitates the development of essential literacy skills and as such should be just as ‘normal’ and important as printed text. Unfortunately braille is often re‘produced’ in a rather clinical way. Using a fresh approach, my aim is to create designs which are accessible, appealing and stimulating for all children.

I’d like to give a special thanks to all the testers and professionals who provided valuable feedback during the development stage of this first set of tactile stickers.

Ann M. Conefrey

Design and development

How to order

  • You can purchase the tactile stickers from our webshop.
  • For general inquiries please contact me at Quotations for customized designs can also be requested.

Tactile stickers for curious fingers

There are 12 different designs, printed and embossed on two A5 sheets (148 mm x 210 mm). Per sheet 6 stickers (52 mm diameter). Braille: Grade 1 braille (UEB) without the use of capital letters or punctuation.


Tactile stickers; offset sticker sheets being embossed (braille and images) on a Heidelberg.
During die cutting process, the printed and embossed tactile stickers are cut using a special die.