‘I can read braille in the dark’

A truly unique design, these double-sided yellow wristbands are embossed (raised) in braille on one side and debossed (engraved) in print on the other side, carrying the message, ‘I can read braille in the dark’. They become ‘charged’ through exposure to light during the day and glow brightly in the dark at night (photoluminescent; glow in the dark).

Glow in the dark braille wristbands

Braille wristband becomes ‘charged during the day …
… and ‘glows’ brightly in the dark.

‘I ♥ love braille’

In purple and blue these attractive wristbands carry the message ‘I ♥ love braille’ in both braille and print on the same side. The purple wristbands have been embossed and then printed in white with red love hearts. The blue wristbands are also embossed but only the printed message is in white with red love hearts; the braille has been left blue.

The braille is Grade 1 U.E.B. They fit an older child or adult; all wristbands are made from silicone.

Purple and blue ‘I ♥ love braille’ wristbands; yellow ‘glow in the dark’ wristband.

How to order

This is a relatively low-cost and appealing way of displaying your name or communicating an idea or message and at the same time promoting braille awareness. Take a look at my other braille wristbands. To request a quotation for a customized design for your organization or for a special event please contact me at the above email address.