Tactile Braille Stickers – Rewards (Spanish)

Ideal for boosting self-confidence, rewarding good schoolwork or any achievement. 12 colourful tactile stickers in Spanish combining a word of encouragement in braille and large type with a simple tactile illustration.

  • Amount: 12 round sticker designs on two A5 sheets (14.8 cm x 21 cm)
  • Size stickers: 5.2 cm in diameter
  • Braille: Grade 1 UEB without capital letters or punctuation
  • Weight: 14 grams per set in a plastic sleeve
  • Price: 3,95

Max. quantity per order is 20.
Like to order more? ann@brailledots.nl

Stickers, sheet 1:
  1. Ribbon with star and ‘súper’
  2. Star with smiley face and ‘estrella’
  3. Medal on a ribbon and ‘bravo’
  4. A hand and ‘choca’
  5. Trophy with star and ‘campeón’
  6. Flag with star and ‘hurra’
Stickers, sheet 2:
  1. Crown with ‘fabuloso’
  2. Target board with arrow and ‘perfecto’
  3. Flower with ‘bien hecho’
  4. Smiley with ‘buen trabajo’
  5. Owl and ‘listo’
  6. Hand with thumb up and ‘genial’