Tactile Braille Stickers – Language

Encourage literacy skills and stimulate children's fantasy with 12 inclusive sticker designs, combining bright and bold embossed images of the natural world with braille and large print.

  • Amount: 12 round sticker designs on two A5 sheets (14.8 cm x 21 cm)
  • Size stickers: 5.2 cm in diameter
  • Braille: Grade 1 UEB without capital letters or punctuation
  • Weight: 14 grams per set in a plastic sleeve
  • Price: 3,95

Max. quantity per order is 20.
Like to order more? ann@brailledots.nl

Stickers, sheet 1:
  1. Bee and ‘busy’
  2. Butterfly and ‘fly’
  3. Falling snowflake and ‘cool’
  4. Leaping frog and ‘jump’
  5. Sunflower head and ‘sunny’
  6. Bird chirping and ‘tweet’
Stickers, sheet 2:
  1. Star with smiley face and ‘shine’
  2. Sun and ‘bright’
  3. Ladybird with six dots and ‘dotty’
  4. Snail in a shell and ‘home’
  5. Flowering plant and ‘hot’
  6. Dolphin diving and ‘sweet’