Tactile Braille Stickers – Emotions

Fun and educational for all children. 12 colourful stickers encouraging tactile skills and appealing to the emotions. Words in braille and large type are enhanced with matching tactile illustrations.

  • Amount: 12 round sticker designs on two A5 sheets (14.8 cm x 21 cm)
  • Size stickers: 5.2 cm in diameter
  • Braille: Grade 1 UEB without capital letters or punctuation
  • Weight: 14 grams per set in a plastic sleeve
  • Price: 3,95

Max. quantity per order is 20.
Like to order more? ann@brailledots.nl

Stickers, sheet 1:
  1. Soft ice cream and cone with ‘soft’
  2. Octopus and ‘hug’
  3. Shamrock and ‘lucky’
  4. Snail and ‘trail’
  5. Balloon and ‘happy’
  6. Owl and ‘wise’
Stickers, sheet 2:
  1. Hedgehog and ‘spiky’
  2. Crab and ‘snappy’
  3. Chick and ‘fluffy’
  4. Feather and ‘tickle’
  5. Hot dog and ‘hot’
  6. Strawberry and ‘sweet’